Know Your Niche

5 Simple Steps to Nail Your Niche & Bring in Clients & Cash

Are you ready to know and confidently own your niche?

In this 5-step process, I’ll teach you how to:

  • Quickly identify your perfect niche 
  • Smash your self-doubt and fear that no one will buy from you
  • Use your story to create magnetic messaging
  • Discover why you're already ready to serve your clients
  • Own your confidence at a deep level
  • Open the door for bringing in your ideal, paying clients

I'll walk you through a powerful-yet-simple process on how to finally nail your niche and connect with the clients you're meant to serve!

Know Your Niche makes it simple, easy, and fun to REALLY nail your niche. You’ll walk away feeling clear on exactly who you serve AND confident to get visible so they can find and hire you!

Ready to Know Your Niche so you can bring in clients and cash--for just $29?  

"One of the first projects Christine proposed was a confidence resume and the process of completing that was a revelation! I had been so brave in my youth and somehow had lost that self awareness over the years...In a month and a half I've already sold 5 saddles! I have so much more confidence and self belief." 

- Meryl Lombardi, Little Shop of Saddles

Sometimes, choosing a niche can feel like a nightmare. I totally get it. Here's the thing, though--knowing and being confident in your niche is key to EVERYTHING in your business:

  • your messaging
  • your marketing
  • the services & packages you create and offer
  • your pricing
  • your branding name it, it all starts with your niche. And if you're having trouble with any of the above, it's almost always because you don't know your niche.  

At the same time, it’s absolutely crucial, because let’s face it, without getting clear on your own niche, you're not going to have paying clients who are clear on what they're getting from you.

Enter Know Your Niche, my simple 5-step process to nail your niche and bring in clients & cash.

In Know Your Niche you'll get: 


A detailed 5-step PDF workbook with exercises to walk you through each step of discovering your niche

5 in-depth video trainings so that your questions are answered


A detailed "Confidence Resume" template designed to remind you just how qualified and ready you are NOW, and to transform your self-doubt into self-belief,


A step-by-step plan for exactly how to nail your niche so that you walk away finally feeling crystal-clear on the ideal clients who are waiting for you! 


A safe space to share and test what you're learning with one of the most supportive communities anywhere on Facebook!

Results you can expect:

  • Finally getting clear on exactly who you serve so you can speak to your ideal client with ease 
  • Knowing what problem you solve for them so it's easier to sell and book clients
  • Being able to create your packages and service with more ease that your ideal clients actually want to buy
  • Feeling the confidence to finally get visible so you can bring in the clients and cash in your business

Ready to own your niche so you can share it with the world and bring in those ideal clients with confidence, all for the no-brainer investment of $29?

 "I was the type of person to flit from idea to idea if I didn't immediately get the results I wanted, instead of taking the time to make changes to improve what was already working. She also pointed out to me that I was having a case of serious self-doubt. After laying out my confidence resume, with her help, I realized that I really did have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to teach others with." 

- Caitlin Oesterich, Savvy Cowgirl