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You’ve been complaining about your job long enough. You know it’s time now, to stop talking and start DOING, and you know that if you just had a clear plan, you’d go and do it already!. But you’re pretty stuck on what that actually means… What would it look like in real life...

  • What - EXACTLY - will you do instead?  
  • How will you pay your bills?  
  • How will you take care of the family members who are counting on you?  
  • What if you've never started a business before...and don't have any idea where to begin?

You’ll find out the answers to ALL these questions in my newest book.  

In The Income Replacement Formula

  • You’ll get a crystal clear plan for walking away from your 9-5. That means you can leave with confidence, knowing you’ve covered all your bases, leaving nothing to chance.  
  • You can finally acknowledge your passions, and imagine a life of doing what you love, and actually getting paid for it!


  • You’ll have a plan in hand that you can wave under the noses of whatever doubters are in your life, proving that you’re not crazy! You’ve been wanting to do this for ages... and now it’s time!  


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"Christine has beautifully crafted a framework that supports, inspires, and pushes other women to stop staying stuck and start creating the life with passion they are meant for."

Lacey Sites  

Business Mentor & Success Coach, Founder of A Lit Up Life  

"Christine lays out all of the strategic pieces with her unique feminine voice that is refreshing and inspiring."


Celia Faye Meisel Online Business Coach for Creatives, Leaders, and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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Dana Wilde Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain and Host of The Mind Aware Show  

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Sara Wiles Online Business Manager, Co-Founder of The Happy Thoughts Show  

About Christine

Christine McAlister is a business coach, the founder of Life With Passion, and the author of The Income Replacement Formula: 7 Simple Steps To Doing What You Love & Making Six Figures From Anywhere

She helps high-achievers all over the world to quit and stay out of their 9-5s by building businesses out of their passions. 

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